My friend Joe Sylvia recently moved into the financial investment industry and wanted to freshen up his social media presence with a great business headshot. Having a solid business headshot gives you an advantage in any industry, because it’s your first “interaction” with potential clients or customers. My wife and I teach our three daughters not to judge others based on appearance, but your headshot gives you a chance to represent your personality and style in a split second. Why not give the best first impression you can?

Having an inviting headshot in your social media presence, at work, and on your website is an important part of business success. Try Googling “why headshots are important.” The results offer hundreds of articles highlighting the importance of a professional image. One that particularly strikes me is by Huffington Post. The piece provides practical tips you can use when seeking a photographer to update your business headshot. When working with existing clients, potential clients, industry peers or your colleagues, set yourself apart and let everyone know you’re serious about your presence in the industry.

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