Client Reviews

Client reviews is a place where you can read raving reviews from prior clients. To see how my services have greatly enhanced their lives by capturing beautiful, cherished moments.

Taylor Bliss

Jason is an amazing photographer, a true artist. We had hired Jason to take our wedding photos and couldn’t have been happier with the results, you can really feel the love through his photographs. His assistant and him both paid attention to details big and small. He made our wedding day so much more special and that much more memorable due to his great work. Thanks, Taylor and Jacob Bliss One of the best pieces of advice I can give to a couple is to pick a photographer you feel comfortable with and want to spend your wedding day with, because they are there every step of the way. With that said and for for that reason, I am so happy we went with Lori and Jason at Jason Michael Photography.

Katherine Clark

Jason Michael Photography is the company to go with! Very professional, attentive, detail oriented and very flexible!! My husband and I hired Jason to do our wedding earlier this month and he did a phenomenal job!! Our pictures are amazing and our memories are perfectly preserved! Thank you again Jason!!

Kayla Luongo

Jason has a ton of passion for photography and every photo he takes has a lot of thought and creativity that goes into it. He will capture every moment of your special day!

Joe Sylvia

Jason is an expert when it comes to your executive head shots. He is an artist with  lighting and will spend the time to make the appropriate adjustments. He is efficient and handles his business in a courteous manner. Contact Jason Forget to have your head shots tailored to illuminate your professional side!

Michaela King

Working with Jason was one of the best and easiest parts of my wedding! He has the kindest soul and will make you feel so comfortable right away. He was nothing but professional and kind throughout the whole experience. He made sure to really listen to what my husband and I were looking for with our photos and captured each image so beautifully. I love getting to re-live our wedding day through his lens! We have been so happy with everything and are so glad we now have a lifelong photographer to capture each important stage in our lives!

Stephanie Rotella

Jason was so awesome to work with! He captured everything I wanted in my personal headshot shoot and also mommy and me shoot. He knows how to work with kids and make everything super comfortable! He also has a great personality and knows how to make your photo shoot fun! He came up with some really great ideas and knew what would look best! I highly recommend him for anything you may need a photographer for.

Mike & Cassie Iacona

Jason Michael Photography recently took on the task of photographing our wedding and it was simply amazing. Jason, the owner of the company was a professional technician, adjusting his photography to the overcast sky, while also being an exceptional artist with an eye for the shot that was really able to capture the story of the day. My wife, Cassie, and I could not be happier with the services he provided. Jason met with us before the wedding to get an understanding of what we were looking to accomplish with our photos, but also to get to know us personally. He took the time to understand our wants while also making sure to cater to our needs. During a chaotic planning period, he helped us to ferret out what was important to us, as well as to organize the day around the memorable moments that he would be there to capture. As any couple who has personally planned their own wedding can tell you, the lead up to the wedding day can be hectic and stressful, so making sure you have the right staff can make all the difference. Jason is passionate about photography and so his motivation and eye for the “moment” was unparalleled by any of the other photographers we had met with. Once we met with Jason we knew our search for a photographer had ended with us having every confidence in our choice; he never let us down, captured every detail of the enjoyment our event brought to our families, and we will always be able to look back at these photos and relive the experience because not a single detail was lost. We thank Jason, and his partner Andrea, for their hard work and dedication to our special day and it is with no reservations that we recommend Jason Michael Photography for your special event.

Rick Provost

Jason is a top rate photographer who is creatively in tune and very detail oriented. He takes much pride in his work and is a very professional photographer and a pleasure to work with.I highly recommend Jason as he took some fantastic pregnancy shots of my wife and of us both as a couple.

Katie Landi

I wanted to thank you so much for doing Zoey’s 2nd birthday shots. When choosing a photographer, there are many choices but I am pleased that I made the right one with choosing you. It takes a lot of patience to try to get still shots from a 2 year old and gain her trust but you did that and got amazing photos that we will cherish forever. Again thank you for your time, patience, sincerity, and creativeness with this shoot. I cant wait for 3rd birthday now!

Nicole Hopper

Jason Michael certainly had challenges during our family photo shoot! With three little boys excited to be outdoors, it was no easy task. Jason did a wonderful job just going with the flow and capturing beautiful candids as well as poses. He snapped away as we had fun playing with our boys, loving on them, and chasing them through the park. We were very pleased with the final products and we love how he captured all of our boys’ unique personalities. Thank you Jason!